Wafer Handling Robots

Wafer Handling Robots


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200mm Robot

Unique Design

The LEP robot has many design features that make it unique. The top-side design of the robot makes simplifies service and maintenance. The telescoping lift axis provides long range of motion while requiring very little space. The linear radius axis and precision rotation axis ensure the highest wafer placement accuracy.

Flexible Integration

A rich command set with communication via RS-232 or USB interface provides for multilevel host control. At the most fundamental level, full control of all motion parameters and servo characteristics is available. In addition, a complete high level command set provides control of wafer transport, system status and error handling.

High Reliability

The LEP 200 mm robot is designed for high reliability. There are no complicated mechanisms, drive trains or multi-link arms that are prone to failure and misalignment.


While the 200mm robot is recognized for reliability, it is also designed for easy service and maintenance. Owing to the unique design, maintenance can be performed with the robot installed in place, no time consuming removal is necessary. For the same reasons, most repairs can be performed in place as well.


Optional accessories can expand the handling system to a complete automation system. With the modular LEP controller as a foundation, accessories such as a cassette mapper, notch aligner and XY positioning stage can be added to build a complete automation package. Custom accessories can be added as well.