Edge Gripper / Inspection Module

Edge Gripper / Inspection Module


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Edge Gripper

The Ludl Electronic Products Edge Gripper module provides precision wafer handling and alignment for wafers with exclusion requirements. The Edge Gripper module has strictly edge only contact to perform inspection, alignment and wafer flipping operations.

The Edge Gripper module utilizes six specially designed capstans to contact the wafer at tangential points around the wafer edge. The capstans spin in unison and provide both the wafer grip as well as the drive for rotation and alignment of the wafer. Wafer grip is accomplished utilizing a mechanism where the capstans can be precisely controlled to contact the edge of the wafer. This design also provides for automatic wafer centering and easy alignment.

Optical sensors provide precise feedback for notch or flat alignment and wafer presence sensing. Flexibility and controllability make this module very easy integrate yet also make it very programmable. Each of the three motor axes is independently controllable with simple software commands allowing for easy integration, operator inspection, machine inspection, wafer ID reading or wafer flipping and handling from either side.

The Edge Gripper module integrates with LEP wafer handler system family of components. Utilizing the LEP wafer handling components the Edge Gripper module can be integrated into a complete inspection system or sub-system to meet any requirements.